Why I Write

I manage a Global Macro portfolio, based out of NYC.  Before my current role, I worked as an analyst at a bulge bracket investment bank, trader on a prop trading desk, and as a strategist at one of the world’s largest global macro hedge funds.

Managing money is hard.  Even the very best are wrong about a third of the time.  In my opinion, long term success requires an uncommon balance of courage, humility, conviction, and reflection.   With respect the the last attribute, clear thinking is essential.

This blog is a product of my attempt to clarify my thoughts as they relate to the macro world.  Here, you will find an unvarnished catalog of my thought process – my honest attempt at trying to understand the macro world.  Without a doubt, I will often be wrong.  It is my hope, however, that you, the reader and I will be able to learn from those mistakes.

To Betterment.