Recap 2014-09-10


Via @csResearch, annual share repurchases remain strong this year:

And spread out across sectors:


  • Japan Machine Orders growth slowed to 35.6% YoY vs 37.7% prev
  • Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said money supply growth was the lowest in 5 months, M2 growth was 12.8% YoY in Aug vs 13.5% exp (official number out later this week).
  • According to the Journal, ECB officials will begin releasing partial stress test results to bank mgmt teams over the coming weeks. The objective is to give firms the chance to take any remedial actions before the information is made public. In general analysts expect the process to yield positive news for most lenders. The full test results will be made public by the end of Oct


  • Wed: RBNZ, AU Employment
  • Thu: FranceCPI, US Jobless Claims, USDA WASDE reports, NZ PMI
  • Fri: Kuroda Speaks, US Retail Sales, U Michigan Confidence
  • Mon: China Retail Sales, IP, US Empire Manufacturing,
  • Tue: UK CPI, PPI, German ZEW, US PPI